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Copyright © 2000-2018 Ydalir Vikings

All text and images on this site are Copyright © 2000-2018 Ydalir Vikings (unless otherwise noted).
All rights reserved. No part of this site may be used or reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing except in the case of brief quotations in critical or academic works and reviews which must be fully credited.(Credit should include "" and if online should contain a hyperlink to this site.)
If you wish to reproduce any of this material please contact us via our contact form to discuss fees.
(Most photos are available in much higher (print quality) resolutions.)


School children are allowed to use images as part of their school projects, but credit and copyright should be given. (i.e. you should write "Copyright © Ydalir Vikings -" next to the picture. You don't need to email us about this.)

Offline copies may be made for personal use, but must not be modified or distributed.

Members of The Vikings may use this material for society publicity purposes, however credit should still be given and these conditions will still apply (please let us know if you do this).

If any member of the society wishes to have a high resolution copy of any of the photos for personal use, I'll be glad to provide it. (Sorry this service is only open to society members - anyone else is going to have to pay.)