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The Vikings in Manchester

Ydalir is the Manchester group of The Vikings, the UK's oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society. Our events present a wide range of aspects of life in Viking age Europe, from combat displays to demonstrations of everyday domestic Crafts.

The UK's oldest and
largest Dark Age
re-enactment society

Our commitment to high standards of accuracy has led to shows for highly prestigious clients such as English Heritage and the British Museum. Film work includes both serious documentary work and somewhat less serious feature films and advertising work.
We also export Vikings to Norway

What does the name "Ydalir Vikings" mean?

Ydalir (yoo dāl îr) n. In Norse mythology Ydalir ("Yew Dales") was the home of Ull the winter god. Ydalir was noted for being eternally damp. As we are based in Manchester, a place also noted for prodigious rainfall, we chose Ydalir Vikings as an appropriate name.